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Hello! My name is Julian Talbot, and I'm a risk management consultant with experience gained living and working in six countries across five continents.


My credentials include a Master of Risk Management, a Graduate degree from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. 

I have held several leadership roles in my professional career and gained experience in various industries. I am a co-founder and later Divisional Manager of the $300 million ASX-listed Citadel Group Limited, CEO of Jakeman Business Solutions, Manager of Property and Security for the Australian government's most extensive international network (the Australian Trade Commission), Senior Risk Adviser for the $30 billion Australian Department of Health & Ageing, Manager of Security for Australia's largest natural resources project (Woodside's $24 billion NW Shelf Venture), and Logistics Manager for IMX Resources' East Africa operations. 

In my free time, I enjoy travel, adventures, and challenges, whether through long-distance hiking, music festivals, motorcycles, or traveling to exciting places.

As a bestselling author, I am passionate about sharing my insights and experiences through my books. I may also be the right fit for you if you're looking for a consultant to help solve business problems and achieve objectives. I'm selective about the projects I take on, but if I think we could make a great team, I'd be happy to discuss this further.


Visit other website sections to learn more about risk management and other topics and download some free resources. I look forward to connecting with you and working together to achieve your goals.


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