Decades of taking unnecessary risks and having adventures on five continents have helped steer my career towards risk management. Along the way, I became a Fellow of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia and attained a Master of Risk Management. Mostly, however, I learn by doing, and as you'll see from my articles and books, risk management is just one of many areas of interest. My main passion is helping people identify and achieve their goals but I also like other fun things such as music festivals, hiking, motorcycles, and learning. 


Professionally, my experience includes Divisional Manager and one of the founders of the $240 million ASX listed Citadel Group Limited, CEO of Jakeman Business Solutions, Manager of Property and Security for the Australian government's most extensive international network (the Australian Trade Commission), Senior Risk Adviser for the $30 billion Australian Department of Health & Ageing, Manager of Security for Australia's largest natural resources project (Woodside's $24 billion NW Shelf Venture), Logistics Manager for IMX Resources' East Africa operations and Head of Risk for Malaysian Smelting Corporation's Indonesian operations. I've also held a number of senior Board positions in industry and the not-for-profit sector. Other experience in Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas, includes leading multi-disciplinary teams of up to 200 staff in industry, Defence, the public service, the Ambulance service, emergency response and as a Patrol Commander with a Regional Force Surveillance Unit in the Australian Army.  


My daily risk exposures are fairly mundane, but I balance that by riding my motorcycle as often as possible (S1000RR for those who care to know), go hiking on the weekends and travel as often as possible to 'interesting' places. 'Interesting' often means places for example, where wise people only drink water that comes from bottles (one day I'll finish that book on travel safety). My biggest risk exposure is probably writing books about a range of topics, thereby exposing to the world, just how little I really know. 


Please send suggestions to improve the books or topics/questions that you'd like answered via my website. I read every single email that comes my way and I will do my best to answer, even if it takes an entire book to do so. :-)