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Security Risk Management Aide-Mémoire (SRMAN)

ISBN 978-1695622739

The Security Risk Management Aide-Memoire (SRMAM) is a memory jogger based on the Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK) plus additional material, new research, and the 2018 update to ISO31000 Risk Management Standard.

  • It is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon website.

  • A PDF version is also available free when you set up a free account at SECTARA.

  • Download the images, templates, and free chapters from

Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBOK)

ISBN 978-0-470-45462-6

SRMBOK outlines what we know about security risk management in a format that can be applied by executives and security managers alike. Integrating knowledge, competencies, methodologies, and applications, it demonstrates how to document and incorporate best-practice concepts from a range of complementary disciplines.


Developed to align with International Standards for Risk Management such as ISO 31000 it enables professionals to apply security risk management (SRM) principles to specific areas of practice. 

Business Cases for Risk Management (BCRM)

ISBN 1479396915

In over 25 years of managing risks across a range of disciplines and industries, I have in only one instance, had adequate resources to implement appropriate risk strategies. At the time, I was Manager, Property and Security for the Australian Trade Commission with a remit spanning 60 nations. In a few short months, my team and I built a $56 million budget, and for a short period, our greatest challenge was spending the money fast enough to meet the program timelines. For the rest of my career, the biggest challenge has been finding adequate funding - and I have to say, that with research, practice and dedication, I've become rather good at it. Here is some of what I've learned.

How to Performance Benchmark Your Risk Management

ISBN-10: 1466377577

OK, so it's not the most exciting topic in the world and no book on benchmarking is ever going to make the bestseller list until there is a New York Times Bestselling Risk Benchmarking Books list (in which case this would be number one) but every year we spend billions on risk management, often without measuring the effectiveness of those critical risk management initiatives. This book has been designed to help you assess the effectiveness of your risk management and is based on over 50 years of the authors practical experience. 

Fundamentals of Risk Management (FORM)

ISBN- Coming soon


It doesn’t matter what sort of risk management you’re involved in. Business risks, traffic design, finance, options trading, safety, security or insurance, the principles outlines here are applicable. It also doesn’t matter which definition of risk you hold dearest.

I’ve written this book based on the international standard for risk management (ISO31000) which define risk as ‘the effect of uncertainty on objectives’. This definition includes the concept of positive as well as negative risk. Ie. That risk involves both threats and opportunities. Most people however, think of risk as a negative concept, based on the hazards and threats. In the end however, risk is all about people and we are fundamentally basic units prone to biases and errors. This book is dedicated to us - and to helping us manage (or at least undersand) risk.

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