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Automate your risk management

Would you like to save up to 100 hours on every risk assessment?

Who wouldn't, right? 

Especially for free.

The template and the free software will get you started.

But if you would like some help implementing or improving risk management, please scroll down.

A maximum of one per month


Risk Assessment

A quality risk assessment that results in an effective risk treatment plan takes time, money, and resources.


As you can probably tell from my bio, I've done hundreds of risk assessments and treatment plans for various organizations worldwide. In the process, I've learned what works and doesn't.


There are strategies for delivering effective risk assessments and treatment plans in record time.


One of my enterprise risk assessment projects is finishing, leaving an opening for one more client. 

A Gold Plan with SECTARA provides:

  • ten-user licenses

  • 100 risk assessments

If you sign up for a 12-month Gold Plan, you will also receive the following:

  • free configuration of SECTARA

  • the first risk assessment free

  • QA review of your second risk assessment

  • a 30-day money-back guarantee

The fine print:

  • If you follow my process and can get your stakeholders together for the two workshops, you will have your risk assessment done within 28 days

  • If you cover the cost of travel, I'll even do it in person at your workplace

  • And a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied


A 12-month subscription to SECTARA is less than I would normally charge just to do the risk assessment alone.

The offer ends March 28, 2023 (08:00 AEDT) and is only valid for the initial subscription period.

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Every so often, in conjunction with some of the companies I work with, I am able to make some bonus offers available to subscribers

If you would like to be among the first to know when we release the next offer, please CLICK HERE to subscribe. 

Cheers, Julian

Hold on to your hats because I've got an offer for you that's rarer than a unicorn riding a rainbow!

Listen up because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance you won't want to miss.

I'm offering got just one of these amazing deals, and when it's gone, it's gone for good. That's right, it's like a shooting star, here one moment and gone the next!


And let me tell you, the price on offer is so low, it's practically a steal! In fact, it's less than what you'd pay for a single risk professional. I mean, who needs a whole team of those guys when you could have this amazing deal instead?

So don't wait around, because this opportunity is hotter than the Nullabor Highway on a summer's day!

If you are committed to risk management, here is an even better solution

I have done hundreds of risk assessments and dozens of enterprise risk assessments. I'm finishing up an enterprise risk assessment for a long-standing client and have an opening for one more client.

  1. Would you like me to configure your risk management software for free?

  2. And conduct two risk assessments. Also completely free of charge. 

  3. What about helping your team conduct another five risk assessments?

  4. As well as kickstart coaching, training, multiple templates and guides, weekly mentoring, and phone-a-friend support

All for free.

No risk - 60 day money back guarantee

This bundle offers extraordinary value that you won't find anywhere else. And there is no risk to signing up.

Zero risk. If you aren't completely satisfied after trying SECTARA for at least 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund up to 60 days after commencement. No questions asked. And you will always have the assurance of a pro-rata refund at any time.


Easy to use - And we work with you every step of the way

This bundle includes a comprehensive setup and assistance with your first five risk assessments, then ongoing personal support.


SECTARA has a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and robust training and support resources to help users overcome technical challenges.


ROI - Saves you time and money

To reduce implementation time, we provide a clear implementation plan with detailed steps and timelines, dedicated support personnel to assist with implementation, configuration, and training, and pre-configured templates to streamline risk assessments.


The cost-benefit analysis and return on investment (ROI) of using the SECTARA platform include the cost savings from improved risk management, increased efficiency, and reduced errors.


The SECTARA platform can help your organization save time, reduce costs, and improve its risk management processes.


Streamlined - Built for business

Implementing a new process can be time-consuming and complex. With SECTARA, and in particular, the SRMBOK bundle, I will ensure you are up and running in no time. You'll have your first risk assessment in final draft within days of running your risk workshops.

The long-term benefits of using SECTARA, include reduced risk, improved compliance, and increased efficiency, which all help offset the short-term costs of subscription, training, and data gathering and preparation.

Transform your risk management processes with SECTARA!


Get 12 months of unparalleled support with 50 user licenses and unlimited risk assessments, plus 20GB of free storage.


Enhance your skills with our training program, which includes onboarding, user training, weekly meetings, new functionality training, and professional development opportunities with the lead author of the Security Risk Management Body Of Knowledge (SRMBOK).


Elevate your risk assessments with our templates and consulting services, including configuration and setup, personal QA review, and virtual phone-a-friend support.


Plus, receive ten signed copies of the Security Risk Management Aide-Mémoire.


With a risk-free money-back guarantee, sign up now and experience the difference SECTARA can make in your risk management process. Don't miss out on this opportunity to simplify and streamline risk assessments today!


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What is included in the SECTARA SRMBOK bundle?

The SECTARA Platinum Plan is $240,000 per year on a monthly plan and includes the following. 

SECTARA User Licenses

  • 50 user licenses 


SECTARA Risk Assessments

  • Unlimited risk assessments - yes, no limit

  • Unlimited Business Units.

Risk Management and SECTARA Training

  • Admin onboarding training.

  • User Training.

  • New functionality training.

  • Professional development training.


File storage

  • An incredible 20GB of free storage.

All yours for only $216,000 on a 12-month subscription.

And for this month only, I can also offer an outstanding fantastic February deal.


I'm finishing up a significant enterprise risk assessment, so I have room for one more client, but only one, so the first to sign up will also receive these bonuses.


Templates - $400

  • Business case template for risk treatments

  • A range of vertical risk assessment templates

  • How to facilitate a risk workshop

  • Default text for emails to send out to workshop participants

  • Briefing pack templates (PPTX & MS Word) for handing over Risk Assessments

  • How to facilitate the development of complex risk treatments

  • Performance Monitoring KPIs

  • Enterprise Security Plan Template

Books - $800

  • 10 copies of Business Cases for Risk Management

  • 10 copies of the Security Risk Management Aide-Mémoire

Mentoring - $5,000

  • Access to our weekly risk management mastermind group

Configuration and onboarding - $24,000

  • Review an feedback on your risk management criteria. 

  • Customizing SECTARA templates and criteria to meet your specific requirements

Risk Assessments - $192,000

  • Conduct and produce your first two risk assessments

Risk Facilitation - $75,000

  • Facilitation of your first five risk assessments

Ongoing Support

  • Quality assurance review of your first 20 assessments.

  • Ten hours of personal phone-a-friend support.


Risk-free money-back guarantee

  • If within 60 days you don't like it, we'll refund your money.

Only one of these is available, and it finishes at the end of February. If you're short of resources and want to help with risk assessments, now is the time to act.

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Save money and reduce risk

Here's an opportunity to improve your risk management and reduce costs.

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