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Do we invest enough in training?

Our lack of investment in security and risk management training is becoming a societal risk. We are woefully underprepared for climate change, artificial intelligence, geopolitical instability, and the Internet of things.

These and other trends are bringing change at an exponential rate. And we don't have much time to address our lack of risk management expertise.

A shortage of time and money contributes to the lack of training and societal competence. But to be fair, there isn't an enormous amount of quality training to invest in anyway. Is it because the demand for good quality risk training isn't there?

The limited demand for training is due to a limited awareness of the need to invest in risk management competence.

This lack of demand is in turn, a symptom of inadequate investment in training for our leaders and managers.

Rather than merely lament the lack of investment in training, I thought I’d do something positive by developing some high-quality training. Hopefully, these courses will, in some small way, help to address the issue and make a difference.

When I've run them a few times, I'll also put them online to make them widely available.

But of course, it all depends on demand. Will people even see the value of signing up for them? If you feel these courses are of merit, I'd be grateful if you could share this link with colleagues and friends. Even just seeing the list of topics might get people thinking about risk management training.

Security and Risk Management Training Courses

Let me know if you can think of other topics that could be helpful.

You can find the courses at this link. I'll run them anywhere in the world if there is interest and I look forward to meeting you at one or more of these events.

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