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This is part of an Excel template that I have used for a number of Enterprise Security Risk Assessment Template. I've removed about a dozen sheets with some of the additional material to ensure I didn't accidentally leave any information in there. Sorry but it would take too long to sanitize all those spreadsheets and the main elements are still there. This is the spreadsheet that I mentioned in my presentation at the ISC2 Security Congress. In recent years I use SECTARA, a SaaS platform that a friend and I built to streamline the process even further. There is a free version of SECTARA at this link but if you need something that will do the job and that you can put on your network, this spreadsheet will do an excellent job of it.  

How to Facilitate and Lead


This process works well for creating high-performing teams, resolving conflict, generating improvements or introducing new work methods. Don't wait till you have a problem. PPTX on the left. PDF on the right.

How To Solve Any Problem


This process will work on any problem in any situation, for both individuals and organizations. 

Risk Management Project

This example is a useful template for a Project Plan to implement a new or upgraded risk management framework in your organization. It lays out the basic steps and participants that will help ensure a successful implementation of a risk management framework. 

Risk Management Policy

Policies don't need to be long documents (unless perhaps you are writing a national healthcare policy?) but most organizations will be better served with succinct statements that people find relatively understandable. 

KPI and Objectives Model

This is a PowerPoint file containing the table from the "How to Create Effective KPIs" article in an editable format. It links Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Risks, Risk Treatments, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), Key Result Areas (KRAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Organizational Objectives. Feel free to modify, use, adapt and share it if it is useful. I'd be grateful if you could acknowledge if appropriate. Thanks.

Job Application Letter

The job application letter template from my article, on "How To Write A Job Application That Gets You To Interview."

Two variations on business case templates from the book "Business Cases for Risk Management"

Business Case Template

Risk Matrix

The accompanying customizable template from my article, "What's Right With Risk Matrices?"

Risk Register Template

This file is a risk register template in MS Word format. 

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